Book Club Picks: Mama Drama


Amy Sohn

If Sophie Kinsella and Gillian Flynn got together and had a book baby, this would be it. Soapy, strange and gloriously off-the-wall, this set of NYC moms will make your PTA battles look tame.








Mommie Dearest
Christina Crawford

The book is always better than the movie. While Crawford caught a lot of flack for writing it, the book started a national conversation about child abuse.







Life List: A Woman’s Quest for the World’s Most Amazing Birds
Olivia Gentile

The book is touted as one woman’s obsession with ornithology, but you might find yourself asking, “What about her kids?”









The Fifth Child
Doris Lessing

Sometimes more children isn’t the answer, as readers discover in this gothic horror tale. Pregnant? You might want to skip this one for now.









The Twelve Tribes of Hattie
Ayana Mathis

It’s not that Hattie is cold or uncaring, it’s just that she’s got so many kids. Beautifully written, sad and thought-provoking—you’ll think about this one long after you finish it.







The Dinner
Herman Koch

On the surface it seems this Dutch tale is really about the dads involved with children gone wrong. But wait until you learn just how far moms are willing to go to help their kids out of sticky situations.







Flowers in the Attic
VC Andrews

If you didn’t already wear out your paperback cover to cover, it’s time to revisit the crazy that is the Dollanganger clan. Lunacy is indeed hereditary.








Love Water Memory
Jennie Shortridge

New in the bookstores, the story of an amnesiac who doesn’t remember a lot about her mother. For good reason. A most engaging read.


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