7 Must-Read Books For Fall

Beach season may be over, but relaxing with a good read? It never goes out of style.

This fall, there’s no shortage of books that will entertain, educate and feed the soul:


books-fall-reads-marshmallow-testThe Marshmallow Test: Mastering Self-Control
Walter Mischel

Coming this September, psychologist Walter Mischel covers the concept of self-control and its benefits, including a healthier sense of well being, better self-esteem and maybe even higher SAT scores. Is willpower something you can learn? Read and find out.

books-fall-reads-how-to-build-a-girlHow to Build a Girl: A Novel
Caitlin Moran

Author Caitlin Moran is often described as Great Britain’s version of Tina Fey or Lena Dunham—brash, witty and not one to her hold tongue. Moran’s first foray into fiction (arriving September 23) centers on a 14-year-old ready to reinvent herself into a freewheeling rock-and-roll reviewer.



books-fall-reads-not-that-kind-of-girlNot That Kind of Girl
Lena Dunham

Speaking of Lena Dunham… A collection of brutally honest essays from the Millennials’ It Girl hits the bookshelves on September 30. You can catch Dunham live on October 6 at the Chicago Humanities Festival.



books-fall-reads-thug-kitchenThug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck
Thug Kitchen

Out in early October, this is THE cookbook for anyone who likes her food with a heavy dose of salty language. Badass recipes that’ll carry you through tailgate season and into the holidays.



books-fall-reads-prince-lestatPrince Lestat
Anne Rice

The vampires are back! The vampires are back! It’s been 25 years, but Lestat never sounded better. Before “True Blood” there was this: Anne Rice’s dazzling fiction.



books-fall-reads-yes-pleaseYes Please
Amy Poehler

OK, so we’re all still a little sad Poehler and Will Arnett broke up—maybe this book will be the Band-Aid on our broken pop-culture hearts. Witticisms from one of our favorite funny ladies.



Stephen King

Something toasty to keep you warm this cold November: fear. King serves up a hefty does of it with this tome, set in—you guessed it—a small New England town. A new reverend hits the church scene, mesmerizing all, including a young boy. The frightening bond they develop? That’s for you to find out.