Books That Make You Think

There’s a reason there are things called book clubs, and not things called “reality TV clubs.” Books make you think.

Great, different or just controversial ideas are often first shared on paper, and books are a go-to source for anyone looking to broaden their horizons. Here are books with stunning and insightful ideas that will change the way you think.


books-dalai-lama-happinessThe Art of Happiness
Dalai Lama

A book list about books that make you think WILL have a book from the Dalai Lama on it, and this is a great choice. How do you get to happy? This provocative thought leader has some insight for you.




books-born-to-runBorn to Run
Christopher McDougall

This book changed my entire view of running with the concept of—wait for it—being happy when you run, and how that improves everything about the experience. I’m not a barefoot runner, just a better one.



books-daring-greatlyDaring Greatly
Brene Brown

If you thought her TED talks were full of “A-ha” moments, wait until you read one of her books. The latest is mind-bogglingly good and offers up new ways to think about everyday living and parenting.



books-end-of-menThe End of Men: And the Rise of Women
Hanna Rosin

Are women gaining in equality with their male counterparts, or steamrolling over them into a bold, new world? Rosin’s book is a great choice for the next book club meeting, with spouses invited to attend—and maybe cower in a corner.



books-far-from-treeFar From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity
Andrew Solomon

What parent hasn’t explored new and different ways of thinking about the concept of family? Solomon’s got the “it” book in this department at the moment, with his hefty look at families that fall outside the realm of “traditional.”



books-loraxThe Lorax
Dr. Suess

Sure, it’s for children. But the message is universal. It’s time to think about how our actions impact our environment, and this book is a great place to start the conversation with our youngest generation.




books-outliersOutliers: The Story of Success
Malcolm Gladwell

You can blame this guy for starting the whole “redshirting for kindergarten” trend—or thank him. Regardless, he’ll have you thinking about what characteristics play into modern success.



books-secret-giftA Secret Gift
Ted Gup

Have you ever wondered if giving a person just $5 could make an impact generations down the road? Here is a fascinating non-fiction tale of a man whose anonymous philanthropic efforts during a Depression-era Christmas continue to pay dividends to this day.



Photo: Pile of books by Bigstock