Dermot Kennedy’s Favorite Spots to Visit in Chicago

Dermot Kennedy's Favorite Spots to Visit in Chicago

Dublin-based singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy is touring through the states this summer, bringing his impassioned vocals and poetic lyrics to Lollapalooza on Aug. 3. Here, three spots he always hits when he’s in town.

For Dinner: Maple & Ash

Dermot Kennedy's Favorite Spots to Visit in Chicago: Seafood Tower at Maple & Ash
Seafood Tower at Maple & Ash (Photo by Barry Brecheisen.)

Last time we were passing through Chicago on tour, Zach Miller invited us to Maple & Ash for dinner, which was incredible. When you’ve been on the road for two months straight, meals like that are few and far between!

For a Pint: Soldier Field

Last year, Kieran (who plays bass in the band) and I went to Soldier Field for the season opener. The atmosphere was crazy — it’s definitely the best place I’ve ever had a beer in Chicago.

For a Show: Thalia Hall

Dermot Kennedy: Thalia Hall
Photo courtesy of Thalia Hall.

We were lucky enough to play here on our last U.S. tour. It’s stunning, and it was a real honor to get to do a show there.


Can’t make it down to Grant Park? Catch Kennedy at Bottom Lounge in the West Loop on Aug. 2. Visit for details.


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