Planning a Girlfriend Get-Together

You have amazing women friends, but when was the last time you made time just for them? Children, work, spouse, volunteer obligations, exercise—they can keep you busy 24/7 if you let them.

But friends make our lives richer, deeper and better.  They remind us that we’re beautiful, important (not just because we drive a minivan), and deserve time to laugh and relax together.

Beth Miller, M.Ed., coaches parents on how to have better relationships with their children, and she strongly advocates that moms make time to be with other moms.

“Give yourself permission to occasionally be at the top of the list and get a babysitter so you can have an uninterrupted cup of coffee with a girlfriend,” she says.

Here are some ideas to get you started on a girlfriend get-together. The ideas are inexpensive and fun, and one of them will give you a reason to e-mail your gals and get something on the calendar.

Read together. Book groups have been around as long as books have been written because they combine two of our favorite activities: reading and talking. If the book has an obvious food and drink theme, you’re covered for the refreshments. If not, make a pitcher of our Lemon Drop Martinis, and serve with nibbles for an intellectual night with your buddies.

Play together. Tennis, running, hockey, yoga—no matter what your passion, you can find friends who share it. Exercise together, and then steal an extra few minutes for a cup of coffee or a post-exercise cool-down walk.

Create together. Love to knit, needlepoint or scrapbook? Either teach your girlfriends or find a like-minded group. For knitting, Three Bags Full, in Northbrook, offers beautiful fibers and classes. In Winnetka, The Classic Stitch offers classes from beginning to advanced needlepoint enthusiasts.

Parent together. Need to find humor in your child’s potty training? Organize a weekly playgroup for the moms and kids together. According to Miller, groups of moms give each other support and a fresh perspective. It’s better to laugh with your girlfriends over the latest “I made poopy in my pants” fiasco instead of stewing and worrying alone.

Make it better together. Find your passion, and involve your friends. When Susan Faurot and Jane Litin, both of Wilmette, wanted to make a difference, they called Go Green Wilmette and hosted a Green Tea. A group of 15 women shared tips, ideas and motivation to live greener lives, while nibbling on Susan’s delicious almond pound cake and Jane’s unbeatable brownies.

Be together. Don’t wait to save the earth or raise better kids. “I miss talking with you” is enough reason to get your friends together, turn off the cell phones, and catch up on everything big and small.