#TravelTuesday: Products to Make Your Holiday Travels Easier

Traveling for the holidays is rarely trouble-free. Some snafus are unavoidable (thanks, Chicago weather), but you can at least ensure you’ve dressed comfortably and are carrying the right luggage and accessories to make your trip as smooth as possible. Shop For Good has several items that will help set you up for travel success, plus you’re giving back every time you purchase one of these products.

Aria Pebble Foldover Handbag

A carry-on big enough to hold your essentials is a must. You never know when a missed connection or handling mishap might separate you from your checked luggage. This awesome bag from Juniper Boutique is large and gives you the option for a shoulder bag or hand-held.

Aria Pebble Foldover Handbag from Juniper Boutique

Chelsea Carry-All

Keep your tablet protected with a personalized carry-all made of vegan leather from Vintage Nest.

Chelsea Carry-All from Vintage Nest

Micro Modal Long Sleeve Tee

Jetsetting celebs and chic seasoned travelers agree on this top dressing tip — layer, layer layer! Don this silky Micro Modal Long Sleeve Tee from Wear in Good Health as a base and stay comfy on the plane by adding cozy wrap that can double as a blanket. Once you arrive, swap the wrap for a chic jacket or vest for meetings or dinner.

Micro Modal Long Sleeve Tee from Wear in Good Health

D. Porthault Blue Trefles Trio Zippered Cases

Keep things organized in your luggage with this trio of zippered cases from Maze Home. Great for toiletries, jewelry and even small toys, they’ll help you ensure that everything has its place.

D Porthault Blue Trefles Trio Zippered Cases from Maze Home

LaLoop Dog Tag

There’s nothing worse than misplacing your glasses or sunglasses while you’re on the road. Never lose another pair of specs with this loop necklace from Optique.

LaLoop Dog Tag Glasses Holder from Optique

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