Make It Better Media Expands, Acquiring Marin Magazine and SPACES

Make It Better Media Expands, Acquiring Marin Magazine and SPACES

As we approach our milestone 10th anniversary, Make It Better Media is proud to announce the acquisition of the Bay Area’s Marin Magazine and sister-publication SPACES, forming Make It Better Media Group. Under the direction of Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Susan B. Noyes, what began as a North Shore community website has now blossomed into a multi-platform media company committed to connecting our audience to organizations, businesses and nonprofits fostering positive social impact in the community.

Making It Better, From The Beginning 

Noyes’ vision began as a monthly column in North Shore Magazine, which Make It Better purchased in May 2010, six months after the November 2009 launch of the print publication. Noyes, a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, mother of six, and former attorney, transitioned the popular column into a website focused on delivering meaningful content and fostering connections and positive impact.

“Ten years ago, Susan asked to meet with me to talk about an idea,” says Co-Founder Mindy Fauntleroy. “She was approaching writing for women from an honest and fun perspective, which differed from other women’s magazines. She wrote about things that no one else would write or talk about.”

“We called it Make It Better because that was and still is the overarching, connecting value for our audience of affluent, well-educated readers,” Noyes says. “It’s more important than ever to help people make a meaningful impact with their time and dollars, as well as on the world. People yearn to know about and support that which is great in their communities and to make a difference for others. Our trusted media makes it easy for them to do both.”

Make It Better has been fortunate to receive support and guidance along our journey from so many talented individuals within the community, who saw a real need for physical and virtual opportunities to come together to forge the powerful positive connections that are the cornerstone of our organization.

“Make It Better was Susan’s vision, and I wanted to make her vision understandable to people,” says Cheryl Berman, former chief creative officer of Leo Burnett USA and current CEO, partner and chief creative officer of unbundled, who has been a champion of Make It Better since its inception, offering her expertise on everything from logo and design aesthetic to key messaging and target demographic. “Susan’s passion for family, for community, for philanthropy — all the things that were important in her life; her hopes, her dreams, her interests — these were all developed into one package.”

Ten years later, Make It Better is grateful to our avid audience of men and women who engage with us across our numerous channels, including via our 32,000-subscriber Better Letter email newsletter; print magazine with a circulation of 62,000; vibrant website, which approaches 1.4 million page views per year; signature annual events, videos and social networking.

Make It Better Acquires Marin Magazine and SPACES

In this new era of Make It Better Media, the acquisition of Marin Magazine presents a seamless opportunity for us to grow with a compatible lifestyle magazine. Similar to Make It Better’s North Shore audience, Marin Magazine’s demographic is comprised of one of the most affluent, civically minded populations in the country. Founded in 2004 by Nikki and Jim Wood — former publishers of Coast Magazine in Orange County — Marin boasts a readership of 108,900 per issue and a sharp digital platform averaging 950,000 monthly impressions. Also under the Marin Magazine umbrella is the bi-annual SPACES, showcasing regional design and architecture, led by Editor in Chief Zahid Sardar. With the Woods’ daughter Mimi Towle as editor, Marin Magazine and SPACES fills a void in the market for authoritative coverage targeting sophisticated readers.

“The regional magazine space is one of the healthiest subsets in the world of publishing,” Nikki Wood says. “Susan’s passion for making the world a better place is contagious, which made us even more excited about Make It Better as a partner.”

Acquiring Marin Magazine and SPACES allows Make It Better Media Group to truly “make it better” in a much bigger way, motivating and inspiring readers nationwide. Under Noyes’ charge, the group targets brand growth while embracing Marin and its readers. Both organizations enter the procurement with an end goal of connecting with readers through impactful editorial content, networking opportunities, community events, interactive online platforms, and more philanthropic efforts than ever before.

“We have a powerful philosophy of creating virtuous circles that unite and amplify social impact and community connecting,” Noyes says. “We are thrilled to bring our purpose into another community with likeminded members.” 


As Make It Better approaches our 10th anniversary in November, Make It Better Media Group will continue to develop and strengthen inspiring programming, including signature events like our annual Philanthropy Awards, “Best Of” and Money, Values & Impact.

Make It Better’s core tenets will be seamlessly integrated into Marin Magazine’s (and SPACES’) content and efforts. Widening Make It Better’s dedication to philanthropic efforts in the Bay Area — including the Make It Better Foundation and Philanthropy Awards — is one of the most exciting byproducts of the purchase. A new, $1,000 media sponsorships program developed by Noyes is another component she is excited to introduce to the West Coast community.

“As Make It Better Media Group, it is all of our missions to be the most trusted, easiest-to-use community resource that helps you make your life, and the lives of others, better,” Noyes says.