5 Ways to Celebrate “The Hunger Games”

Who’s excited for the next cinematic blockbuster?

“The Hunger Games” is the movie everyone has been talking about for months—and it’s finally arrived.

Not up to speed? Here’s a quick summary:

In a game where only one can win, can two survive? Katniss Everdeen has been selected to participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death between 24 children. Only one comes out of the Games alive. After a training period in the nation’s Capitol, fellow “tribute” (the term for the children participating in the Games) Peeta Mellark declares his everlasting love for Katniss on national television. She thinks it’s a ploy to get support. However, while fighting to survive in the arena, she begins to question her judgment. While struggling to outlast her adversaries (and blowing stuff up), she must find Peeta and keep him alive.

Here’s how you can relish the experience:

Watch the movie

See Trailer Here

If you have kids—or even if you don’t—chances are you will know at least one person dying to go see the movie. Here’s your chance to enjoy some family bonding or a great girl’s night out.

Want a cozier show? Try Highland Park Theatre, nestled in the town’s downtown district. Enjoy the movie and catch dinner along Central Street.

Read the trilogy

It’s true—the book is always better.

As good as the movie will be, there’s nothing quite like snuggling up with a good book. Try any one of the great bookstores on our Better List and pick up the set.

Take a walk in the woods

Inspired by the scenery? Our recent heat wave has everyone thinking about the great outdoors. Immerse yourself in all things woodsy by talking a walk or bike ride along one of the North Shore’s forest preserve paths.

Create your own Hunger Games

With Spring Break upon us, you may need an outlet for rowdy, over-excited boys and girls—or, rowdy, over-excited adults. While we won’t advocate a neighborhood, “winner take all” death match, there are a few high-octane activities you can try:

Sky High Sports
6424 Howard St., Niles

Paintball at CPX Sports
2903 Schweitzer Rd., Joliet

You can also organize your own “Capture The Flag” game:

Make A Difference:

Many local food banks find themselves struggling for food donations during the spring and summer months. Think about organizing a neighborhood food donation roundup that you and your kids can then take to one of the North Shore’s local food pantries.