January Movies: Beach Dreamin’

Short of plane tickets and hotel reservations, there’s no escaping the cold weather.

If a trip isn’t on the agenda, you can always curl up with a bucket of popcorn and snuggle with your sweetie. Here are five great sandy destination flicks to keep you company:


Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008, R)
Jason Segel, Kristen Bell

The movie that introduced America to Russell Brand, and to Jason Segal’s … yeah. Hilarious flick with a very sweet ending. Where’s the touring production of  “A Taste for Love?”


50 First Dates (2004, PG-13)
Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore

Love Adam Sandler or not, this one is a hoot—a goofy fun cast with a goofy premise. How would you woo the same girl every day, over and over? Hint: Get a penguin involved.


Soul Surfer (2011, PG)
AnnaSophia Robb, Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt

A great biopic on teen surfing sensation Bethany Hamilton and her recovery following a shark attack. An excellent choice for family movie night.


The Descendants (2011, R)
George Clooney

For the serious set, here’s a George Clooney vehicle on marriage, family and how to keep it together when it’s all going wrong.


Blue Hawaii (1961, PG)
Elvis Presley, Joan Blackman


It’s Elvis. It’s Hawaii. It’s January. You have a better idea? Embrace the true talent that was the King of Rock and Roll. Your kids could probably use the history lesson.