Language Stars

Language Stars

335 Ridge Rd #2 Wilmette, 60091


Language Stars has taught fun foreign language to more than 20,000 kids since opening our doors in 1998.


The Language Stars mission is to revolutionize how and when American children learn foreign language to foster a future generation of multilingual Americans.

Language Stars makes learning a second language fun for preschoolers, toddlers, and elementary school children.  Your child will learn Spanish, Mandarin, French, German and Italian through an engaging mix of games, songs, puppet shows, arts & crafts, cooking projects, treasure hunts, movement and drama, all in the foreign language. Our unique FunImmersion® method is the best way for kids to enjoy learning a foreign language.

The Language Stars program is designed to focus solely on a child’s “Window of Opportunity,” between birth and adolescence, to absorb a foreign language naturally.

Language Stars offers play-based, full immersion programs in small groups of 4-8 children in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Mandarin Chinese.