Innovations Yoga

Innovations Yoga


innovationsYogaThrough private or small group yoga instruction, Innovations Yoga creates customized yoga to fit your unique, individual body. Innovations Yoga was established to celebrate and awaken the body, mind and spirit to new beginnings in life. Innovations Yoga will help you individually pursue your goals, overcome adversity, and achieve measurable results. Bringing yoga into your home, business, park or beach will allow you to be present in your daily environment and positively invite change into your life.

Innovations Yoga’s goal is to:

• Customize a yoga practice to fit your unique and individual physical, mental and spiritual needs
• Define and build upon your level of practice
• Strengthen and tone your physical body
• Develop strategies to incorporate your yoga practice into your daily life

With a private one-on-one or small group yoga session, your yoga practice will transform your life. Throughout changes and new beginnings in life, Innovations Yoga will provide the support you need to realize your true potential.