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Allowance for Good

922 Davis St. Evanston, IL60201 United States

Please share your mission. 

Allowance for Good empowers all youth through the tools of philanthropy to take meaningful action in their world.

Describe how your organization lives/realizes its mission. 

Allow Good equips youth with the capacity to take meaningful action in their communities and inspires youth to be actively engaged in addressing social challenges throughout their lives. This addresses a key need facing our society – engaging our youth in their communities for the long-term benefit of having a society of socially engaged citizens. We are particularly focused on engaging youth who are at-risk from becoming disconnected from their communities. 5.8 million youth are disconnected from school and employment. These youth are cut off from the people, institutions, and experiences that would otherwise help them develop the knowledge, skills, and sense of purpose required to live rewarding adult lives. Research shows that youth who are engaged in their communities are much less likely than their non-involved peers to be disconnected. For example, when youth volunteer the chance that they become disconnected drops in half. In Allow Good, youth learn about and network with a variety of community organizations and leaders. We know that when youth build their own community networks and relationships (part of their “social capital”), they grow as individuals and improve their life trajectories. This social capital is key for their futures. It allows them to: build interpersonal relationships; develop the networks and skills necessary to find and keep jobs; problem solve and improve communication skills; and stay involved in their communities throughout their lives.