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Evanston Symphony Orchestra

P.O. Box 778 Evanston, IL60204 United States

Please share your mission. 

A true COMMUNITY orchestra, ESO provides highest-quality, accessible classical music to an increasingly diverse community, and music education to pre-school underprivileged children and to adults.

Describe how your organization lives/realizes its mission. 

ESO is about classical music at the highest level; for a community orchestra composed of volunteer players, its musical quality is simply amazing — there is nothing comparable for at least a thousand miles, or perhaps anywhere. This is a benefit of being located in Evanston and on the amazing North Shore. And our audience agrees: The subscription renewal rate is unbelievable as we fill Pick Staiger for most concerts. (We have to do the Holiday Concert at ETHS because (i) Pick won’t hold 350 performers, and (ii) we need the larger number of seats). BUT: Long term, we hope to (and simply should) better reflect the demographics of our community. The holiday concert is (we hope) a real start down that road.