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Midtown Educational Foundation (MEF)

718 S. Loomis St. Chicago, 60607

Please share your mission. 

MEF guides low-income youth in Chicago along pathways of success. Our enrichment programs embrace the dignity of the person through academics, virtues, individual attention, and parental engagement.

Describe how your organization lives/realizes its mission. 

MEF’s College Orientation Program is the culmination of efforts of the MEF continuum of programming which begins in the 4th grade. Through each grade level, MEF program staff, a corps of more than 400 weekly volunteers, a team of professional educators and the parents of our students work together to support growth in academics, virtue/social emotional development, health and wellness, and in the high school years, career- readiness. With each passing year, students achieve new successes and fortify their vision for themselves and their future. With each graduating high school senior, most of whom will be first-generation or first in family college students, MEF’s mission is achieved. With each college enrollment, a negative cycle is broken and a new cycle of achievement and independence is begun. Countless MEF alum serve as examples to younger siblings and family members who gain inspiration from their achievement and discover the fortitude to follow a new path of academic achievement, personal growth, and financial independence. MEF alum are now working in the Chicago Community as engineers, teachers, attorneys, doctors, police officers, architects and in many more professions.