2Blades Foundation

2Blades Foundation

1630 Chicago Ave. Suite 1901 Evanston, 60201

Please share your mission. 

2Blades develops and delivers durable, sustainable, environmentally-friendly genetic solutions to crop disease that increase the supply of safe, healthy food, improve human lives and relieve hunger.

Describe how your organization lives/realizes its mission. 

We are dedicated to ensuring global food availability and relieving hunger by reducing crop losses due to disease. In the past 20 years, major advances have been made in understanding how pathogens cause plant disease. However, there is a poor track record of turning this into real solutions for farmers. We take the best new science, and develop it into resilient seeds that will help farmers to secure their yields against specific strategically targeted disease threats. These seeds will help secure the food supply for all of us and help smallholder farmers maintain their livelihoods and feed their families. Our programs focus on developing durable resistance to crippling diseases of wheat, soybean, and potato, three of the most important crops in both large scale and smallholder agriculture. Pernicious diseases of wheat, soy, and potato afflict farmers wherever these crops are grown. Through our programs, we identify natural sources of disease resistance and breed or transfer them into seeds to enable farmers to access the hi-tech innovation in a familiar, low tech format that they can use straight away, with no adverse health or environmental impacts. Our programs include lab-based R&D and field trials of improved varieties. By working with world leading development and implementation organizations, we aim to get our disease resistant crops into broad practical use and are committed to responsible stewardship of these technologies.