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The Kitchen Community

1980 8th St. Boulder, 80302

Please share your mission. 

The Kitchen Community’s mission is to strengthen community through food.

Describe how your organization lives/realizes its mission. 

The Kitchen Community’s Learning Gardens enhance the entire learning experience and are designed to help improve outcomes across all school subjects. We put a special emphasis on optimizing our gardens for teaching STEM education, creating critical thinkers, increasing science literacy, and enabling the next generation of innovators. Despite its great potential, caring for a school garden is a new and intimidating concept for many teachers, so support from our dedicated team of Garden Educators is essential. Our Education Team understands the demands that are placed on teachers and works to reduce the stress and mystery around caring for and using the Learning Garden. They simplify maintenance and planning and work with teachers to incorporate it into their curriculum—maximizing the garden’s potential as an outdoor classroom. This has a powerful impact on teachers and students alike—76% of teachers surveyed agreed that students are more engaged in the Learning Garden than they are during other activities. By pairing Learning Gardens with support from our Education team, we create infinite opportunities for experiential learning and academic achievement.