Housing Options

Housing Options

1930 Ridge Ave. #G320 Evanston, 60201

Please share your mission. 

Housing Options’ mission is to create housing opportunities and to provide a network of support services, including counseling and job placement, for adults recovering from chronic mental illnesses.

Describe how your organization lives/realizes its mission. 

The three prongs of our program (housing, care, and employment), Housing Options creates a truly integrated model of support for each of the individuals that we serve. Our mission is primarily to create independence for adults recovering from chronic mental illness, as we believe that every individual deserves shelter, caring relationships, and meaningful work in order to feel productive, safe, and communal. Our goal is to address all demand for housing, supportive care, and job placement on the North Shore by 2020, which will provide stability and purpose to the individuals we serve and safety and peace to our communities.