2020 Red Cross Class of Heroes: Lauren Trylovich, Emergency Medical Assistance Hero

Lauren Trylovich is a trained paramedic, emergency phone operator and has been working at the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications for four years. On a regular eight-hour shift Lauren will get 200-300 calls – cardiac arrests, shooting victims, stabbings and injuries are all part of her day to day response. But one intense call in particular stands out. 

When Amena Karim’s sister, Rasheda Kahn, became unresponsive, she immediately called 9-1-1 and Lauren answered her desperate call for help. Lauren was able to successfully assess Rasheda’s condition and knew the labored breath meant that time was critical. Lauren told Amena, “Ma’am, listen to me, this is very important – somebody needs to start CPR on her right now.”

With Lauren’s calm and clear instructions, Amena was able to stabilize her sister until paramedics arrived, without any prior experience or training in CPR. “She empowered me to help my sister, but also, she was very empathetic and effective,” Amena said about Lauren. This is why the Red Cross of Illinois has awarded Lauren the 2020 Emergency Medical Assistance Award, sponsored by William Blair.

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