Fresh: Andy’s Custard

There’s ice cream, then there’s frozen custard.

Anyone who hails from north of the Illinois border will tell you that frozen custard is the far superior freezer delicacy—made with cream, sugar and eggs, and with about 20 percent of air blended into the product, as compared to sometimes as much as 100 percent in ice cream.

None of this makes it healthier, for certain—just yummier. And with the introduction of Andy’s Frozen Custard to the North Shore landscape, you no longer have to Google the closest Culver’s to get your fix.

A few MIB staffers ventured out last week on a reconnaissance mission. “Research,” we called it, as we stepped up to place our orders. Here’s what we can tell you:

  • Everything is good.
  • You can order a small and still feel pleasantly stuffed.
  • Espresso is a topping? Sweet!
  • Andy’s Frozen Custard is one of the first things we’ve ever tasted that we don’t think hot sauce would improve the taste of.

Because I didn’t think my research was really complete until I took the kids, the family stopped by Andy’s on a Sunday night. With a line out the door, service was still fast, and the custard still good. My daughter’s reaction? “Andy’s provides the happiness.”

Happiness with 29 toppings to boot. Try it today!