How to Have a Successful Bake Sale

No matter what your child’s passion is—sports, theater, chess club—chances are they’ll host a bake sale to fund raise for their organization.

And with the bake sale comes the struggle to find a good recipe that won’t take up too much of your time, but will still earn you bragging rights with the PTO-mom crowd.

Pay careful attention to dietary restrictions. Absolutely no nuts, but check to make sure there aren’t other allergies. (Sesame seeds were a new one for us this year.)

Side treats
Bring along a carton or two of juice to go with your treats. People will be more apt to stay and peruse the selection if they have a cold beverage in their hands. Besides, nothing helps the cake go down better!

Other options
Don’t let the name fool you—bake sales don’t have to be restricted to solely baked goods: sweet and savory snacks can be just as popular. Caramel corn, fudge or popcorn balls are just a few examples of snacks that can be bake sale successes.

Do it yourself
Talk to the host, and see if there would be room for a cookie decorating station at the sale. Bake a few batches of simple sugar cookies, stock up on frosting and sprinkles, and let the kids enjoy eating their own creations.

Don’t be afraid to decorate
Everything looks better when it’s got a few embellishments, right? Use frosting and sprinkles or colored bags and ribbons to give your desserts a little extra flair on the table.

Here are a few winning recipes that will assure that your treats won’t be left on the table at the end of the day:

Brownies in a Cone: There’s nothing better than getting two of what you love in the same package, right? Brownies (or cupcakes!) in a cone do just that. Looks like an ice cream cone, tastes like a brownie – it’s a win all over.

Classic Vanilla Cupcakes:
The cupcake craze took off a few years ago and has yet to slow down, with new cupcake bakeries popping up everywhere (the bakery that started it all, New York’s Magnolia Bakery, recently set up shop on State Street). For your own version of the trend, try this recipe to make a surefire bake sale hit.

Caramel Pretzel Sticks: This recipe embodies the idea that bake sales need not only have baked goods. Make the gooey caramel topping from scratch, and then dip store-bought pretzel rods into the batter, let it harden and offer up to visitors!

And check out some of our favorites:

Cake Pops
Ginger Lemon Scones
Oreo Truffles