New in Town: DMK Restaurants’ Werewolf Coffee Bar Brews the Country’s Finest Coffee

DMK Restaurants: Werewolf Coffee Bar

Werewolf Coffee Bar, the first coffee bar by DMK Restaurants, opens on April 3. Owners David Morton and Michael Kornick designed the soon-to-be coffee hotspot to feature the finest coffees from around the country and delicious pastries from Lincoln Park’s Floriole Café & Bakery. Perhaps the coolest aspect, though, is that it’s all served out of a refurbished vintage Wonder Bread truck barista station. Werewolf Coffee Bar offers coffee blends from Dark Matter, Stumptown and Metropolis, as well as Werewolf’s own hot drip coffee, cold brew coffees and custom espresso drinks. In addition to coffee, Werewolf also offers tea lattes from Rishi Organic Teas and even your favorite childhood picks, like Swedish Fish, Poptarts and instant ramen. Just think of it as coffee, redefined.

Werewolf Coffee Bar
1765 N. Elston Ave.