Reader Recommendations: Great Drinking Wines for Under $15

Clearly our request for great drinking wines for under $15 struck a chord with our readers!

Through the power of the Internet (thanks, Facebook!), we’ve gotten some terrific recommendations from as far afield as Boston, San Francisco, D.C., L.A., and of course Chicago’s northern suburbs.

Thanks to all who contributed their faves, as well as the occasional wine-buying tips. Grab a pen or print this out because there are so many wines you’ll want to run out and buy for your next party, or maybe just for your next meal. Happily, there are a ton of well-stocked wine and specialty stores in our area.

Here’s what you had to say. A votre santé!

Sorrel Canyon Chardonnay runs about $9.99 on sale; I also love the Greg Norman Chardonnay for $15.99. Clos du Bois, Toasted Head and J. Lohr chards tend to be a bit heavier/oakier.     
Beth Bruno Wood

While my go-to wines are Clos du Bois and La Crema chardonnays, I’ve been trying (and really liking) lots of different wines on the auction site, where you get 40-70% off, so I’m drinking more expensive wines and only paying $8-13/bottle.

Lucky Star Pinot Noir (2008, California) is amazing for about $10. Also Garnacha de Fuego (2008, Spain) usually $8-9 is also wonderful.
Meredith Golde, Wilton, Del.

Cartlidge and Browne Cabernet, Montes Malbec, Lockwood Merlot, Chalone Cab or Merlot
Ken Goldstein, Los Angeles, Calif.

This is a horrible name for wine but I LOVE it. It’s called Menage a Trois. It’s a California red that I can buy anywhere. Today it was $9.49 at Target. I’ve bought it for $7.49 at Costco. Even my hubby who’s a total wine guy likes it.
Anne Marie Scheidler, Lake Forest

Just had a wonderful Guenoc Petite Sirah the other night. Yum. Also a big fan of BV Cabernet Sauvignon, which has been going for around $7 lately though lists closer to $12 often, and drinks wonderfully.  
Renata Belash, Calif.

There are some national award-winning wines from the place I grew up—Missouri Wine Country. (Missouri was the biggest wine producing state before Prohibition). I recommend the Chambourcin from Augusta winery for $9.08.  
Kathy Tobben Schulte, Evanston

Sterling Vineyards reds—they’re around $10 a bottle and have some complexity to them. You can also try Kung Fu Girl Reisling.
Fern Allison, Evanston

Morse Code Shiraz from Australia. Costs about $10, drinks like $40. Enjoy.  
Mike Feigin, Boston

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, $12 at Costco, or Greg Norman’s Cab/Shiraz.
Maria Elias-Williams, Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Perrin Reserve from Beaucastel. $9.
Lisa Bjornson Wolf

Hess Chardonnay.
—Kelly, Glenview

Penfolds, Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet ($11); it goes with anything this time of year … always a yum. And we were introduced to Gruet Blanc de Noirs by a sommelier in Maui (Merriman’s—amazing restaurant). Loved it ever since. Sparking wine, very dry and only about $14. Oddest fact, it’s from New Mexico.
Laura Hine, Wilmette

Tammy Lytle, Washington, D.C.

Penfolds wines from Australia.
Neal Pearlman, Evanston