The Perfect Cocktail Starts Here

Cocktails are back and they’re big!

Neat drinks are neat, but blending the flavors in a great cocktail makes it so much better. And it’s not hard. Here are three secrets that all great cocktails share:

  • The ice counts! Clear cubes show off the ingredients so much better than the frosty ones from the Frigidaire & melt more slowly. Start with distilled water and boil it first. That eliminates as much of the trapped oxygen as possible. Then make the cubes smaller. This replicates the drip-by-drip effect that forms icicles. Or buy a bag of crystal clear “Classic” ice at Schaefer’s.
  • Simple syrups are all the rage. Infuse a simple syrup with a wide variety of herb or spice ingredients. Simple syrup is sugar and water, but infuse jalapeños for a special kick to your mojito.
  • It’s been a couple of generations since there were as many great bitters to be found as today. Don’t pass up the artisan Bitter Truth Bitters, such as Celery, Grapefruit or Chocolate.