100 Great Impact Stories for 10 Great Years

100 Great Impact Stories for 10 Great Years

Because Make It Better started as a website and community resource, we’ve enjoyed an unorthodox, but exhilarating decade. This timeline demonstrates all we’ve accomplished in 10 years:

But a good story is always the best way to demonstrate a point. We’ve highlighted 100 stories from our first 10 years that showcase the many ways we engage, connect, help, and create impact. Thanks for reading, responding, and being an integral member of the Make It Better community.

100 Impact Stories: Community

Susan Steel
Susan Steel (Photo by Misty Winter Photography.)

100 Impact Stories: Environment

Shedd Aquarium: Ellie
Photo courtesy of Shedd Aquarium.

100 Impact Stories: Family

Talking Smack: The North Shore Heroin Epidemic
Photo courtesy of P.J. Newberg.

100 Impact Stories: Finance

Margo Georgiadis
Margo Georgiadis (Photo courtesy of Google.)

100 Impact Stories: Food

UNICEF Kid Power
Photo courtesy of UNICEF.

100 Impact Stories: Home

Declutter and ‘Rightsize’ Your Life in 5 Easy Steps
Photo by Erica Barraca.

100 Impact Stories: Life

Can 36 Questions Reignite a Relationship?
Photo by Jennifer Girard Photography.

100 Impact Stories: Philanthropy

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Ribbon Cutting
Photo by Susan B. Noyes.

100 Impact Stories: Travel and Entertainment

Photo: Charles Reagan Hackleman/Lollapalooza 2016

100 Impact Stories: Wellness

Great Health at Every Age: A Decade-by-Decade Guide to Living Your Healthiest Life