Give Your Home a Quick Boost

Trapped inside a tired décor? With a few simple tricks and a handful of dollars, you can wake up any room in your house.

Paint. The quickest, cheapest way to achieve dramatic change is with paint. Go ahead and paint your closet Hermes orange or Tiffany blue. Let your kids create a palette that reflects what they love. Get rid of the tired white ceiling and add a metallic glaze or sky blue.

Turn clutter into a collection. Multiples of anything can be turned into an eye-catching display. Whether it’s an odd variety of vases, an assortment of picture frames or your children’s artwork, massing them together on a table or wall gives them impact and interest.

Toss in fresh color. Take advantage of sales and bring home new throw pillows. (Save money by reusing existing down inserts.) Stick to one tone in multiple textures or go bohemian with vivid, varied patterns and colors.

Mix things up. Gather up all your favorite accessories from around your home and put them in one place. Find some fresh pairings and move the accessories to a different room.

Use your dining room every day.
Whether it’s for homework, family game night or displaying your treasured art books, bring this room back into the house. Drape your table with a beautiful fabric, move in a few comfortable chairs and pillow, and add a few lamps for better light.

Organize. Nothing refreshes like getting rid of clutter. Invest in attractive drawer dividers and linen-covered shelf boxes. Empty everything out, and before you put it back decide if you can live without it.

Use trays. Look for beautiful trays and place them around your house in bathrooms, on end tables and beside the bed. Random objects always look organized when grouped together on a tray.

Buy a beautiful alarm clock. Trade your old clock radio for an elegant sterling or embossed leather clock, and relish hitting the snooze button.

Think glassware. Buy a new set of dinner dishes or glasses for everyday. Shop online for great deals and mix and match patterns and colors.

Donate. Think about all you have and don’t need, and then remember all those who need but don’t have. Open up your closets and pull out anything that doesn’t thrill you. Chances are if it doesn’t excite you just looking at it, you’ll never use it. Even one bag of items is a welcome donation to a local charity, and most will pick it up from your front stoop. Don’t know who’s looking for donations? Check out our article on where to donate your stuff on the North Shore.