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Susan Fredman Design Group’s Ruthie Delf Talks About Transforming a Glencoe Sun Porch.

Recently Susan Fredman Design helped a Glencoe couple redecorate their entire home. One of the biggest challenges was creating a serene but masculine sun porch that would maximize the gorgeous views of the nearby garden and swimming pool. Staff designer Ruthie Delf answered a few questions about the process for Make It Better.

Who lives in this room?
Our client is a North Shore couple who lives in Glencoe but also maintain a home in Florida. They entertain a lot and have lots of grandkids.

What were their goals for the space?
The room leads to the pool and garden, so they wanted to maximize those views. But this was primarily his haven—definitely a man room!

How would you characterize their style?
They like a little bit of an ethnic feel, but the overall style of the house is a cottage-prairie look, so it’s kind of a blend.

How did you envision the room?
This was our whimsical, playful room. That’s why we added the little details: the swoops of paint on the chairs, the pops of color throughout the space and the Floyd Gompf piece, which is made of reclaimed pieces of wood that are painted different colors. We added orange pops of color to accent the room. It’s a really fun color.

What was the biggest challenge?
We used wood for almost every piece in the room. There are wood beams, the wood table is made from two tree trunks, and the coffee table is made from twigs. We used finishes that were different enough to keep it interesting but still organic.

As a designer, what is your favorite part of the space?
I like the table and chairs. It’s taking something from outside and bringing it inside. You can see the wood slats, so it still has that natural feel, but it’s not overdone. It’s contrasted by the really whimsical, painted chairs. It has a lot of play to it.