Quick and Easy: Give Your Charitable Cause a Makeover with Get Dwell

get-dwellIt’s a new year, and it’s time for your charitable cause to get a new look.

North Shore-based Get Dwell not only provides award-winning handyman, maintenance and repair services for homeowners (readers selected Get Dwell as Best Handyman of 2011 for our Best of 2011 issue), but its team is also heavily involved in charitable causes around the area.

In 2011, Get Dwell participated in Chicago Cares and also lent its expertise to transform Deborah’s Place and The Warming House, and today, Get Dwell is searching for new service projects for 2012.

“We serve the communities of Chicago and the North Shore and many charities in this area are in desperate need of help with carpentry, repairs, painting, handyman work or the other services we offer,” says John Deck, vice president of Get Dwell. “At this point we have a clean slate and need to determine which charitable causes we can help this year. If we can identify a few worthwhile causes, Get Dwell can provide a great way for these charities to get the professional help they need.”

If you know any Chicago and North Shore charities that need help with carpentry, painting, remodeling or handyman work, the Get Dwell team would love to hear about it!

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