3 Tips to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

September is a tricky month when it comes to deciding what to wear. The weather is still hot and humid, but once the kids are back in school, it doesn’t feel right to run around in summery flip-flops, flowery sundresses and beachy tanks.

Shopping for this brief in-between season just doesn’t make sense, so what’s a fashion-minded female to do?


According to stylist Kate Shifrin, you already own everything you need to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. So throw open your closet doors and turn on the light. Here’s what Shifrin says to look for.


1. Darker colors, lighter fabrics

To bridge the season, Shifrin’s advice is to pitch the pastels and prints and focus on neutrals like denim, black and khaki. An often-overlooked transition color is gray, a softer alternative to black. The goal is to darken the outfit, but keep fabrics breathable and light. Cotton and linen will keep you comfortable and cool at this time of year.


2. Layering pieces

“To get longer wear out of your favorite summer pieces, simply add a layer,” Shifrin advises. A dark jacket, cardigan or wrap can give new life to summery dresses and tops—and makes a whole lot of sense when the temperature begins to drop at the end of the day.


3. Heavy-duty accessories

Accessories are the ticket when transitioning to fall. Dig into your closet and grab your closed-toe shoes, leather belts and deep-hued scarves. Shifrin thinks boots are a great way to shift into the new season. She suggests wearing boots with bare legs under skirts (tights are too hot, and pantyhose are out!) or over summer capris, which are easier to tuck in.

Rich scarves and belts can transform plain jeans and T-shirts into up-to-date Indian summer looks. And if you happen to have anything in red, leopard-print or studs, pull it out. You’ll be previewing some of the hottest upcoming trends for fall.

It doesn’t take a trip to the mall to navigate the change in seasons; all you need to do is follow Shifrin’s practical advice. And as she says: “Remember, everybody, it’s all in your own closet.”