5 Fall Hat Trends You Need to Try

What if I told you there was one item that could remedy bad hair days, protect your skin from wrinkles, accentuate your cheekbones, and add interest to an otherwise ordinary outfit?

Go ahead and pinch yourself, because it’s true. It’s called the “statement hat,” and it really can do all of those things. As a personal stylist, it’s my job to gently nudge my clients out of their comfort zones. But I find that hats take more of a push. So allow me to demystify the secret (and debunk outdated etiquette) of donning the chapeau.

Hat etiquette is much less restrictive for women than it is for men. In fact, there aren’t too many situations that call for a woman to remove her hat. The only time it’s a good idea is in a theater setting where it could obstruct someone’s view. There are two types of hats: the statement hat and the comfort hat. A statement hat is meant to attract attention, while the comfort hat (think baseball and trucker-style caps) is meant to deflect it. Apart from an early morning dog walk or running home from the gym, I tend to encourage clients to avoid the comfort hat.

So now that you know when to wear a statement hat, you’re probably wondering how. I’ve rounded up five of my favorite fall hats below, with a few styling suggestions to help you overcome your headgear hang-ups.


Cloche is the French word for bell, which is appropriate considering the shape of the hat. The feminine-style hat first came on the scene in the ‘20s, but gained popularity again in 2013 when Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” premiered. A cloche style is one of the best hats for women with short hair. Make this look more current by pairing it with a patterned blouse tucked into high-waisted trousers. Tres chic!

Tina Flapper, $125, Goorin Bros. 

Wool Fedora

We all have a straw version hiding somewhere in our closets, but the always-flattering fedora shouldn’t be banished to just one season. Getting a version of this in wool can take you all the way through fall and winter. For a more playful look, try wearing the brim turned up. Style it with a simple v-neck tee and jeans. Don’t forget to balance the look by accessorizing with a couple of dainty necklaces, which will inject a subtle feminine touch.

Salvatore, $130, Goorin Bros.


The Newsboy style is a great alternative to a baseball cap. It’s very versatile, easily going from day to night. It’s also another great option for ladies (and men) with short hair. Running errands? Throw it on with a graphic tee and a blazer. Having dinner with the girls? Style it with a sweater dress, tights and riding boots. Finish the look with some great dangle earrings.

Under the Oak, $42, Goorin Bros.


Though the floppy hat is most known for it’s Bohemian vibe, it’s surprisingly versatile. Try styling it with all black (think jeans, boots and a leather moto jacket) to edge it up and give it a rocker feel. Instant cool. Or, embrace your inner flower child and wear it with a maxi dress. This style looks best on ladies with shoulder length hair or longer. Anyone with shorter hair may get overwhelmed by the oversized brim.

County Line, $130, Goorin Bros.


The western is one of my “must haves” right now. It’s ultra cool and a bit unexpected. To pull off this hat, you need to make sure to balance out the masculinity with delicate, feminine touches. As with the floppy hat, this style looks best on women with shoulder length or longer hair. Try dressing it up with a pencil skirt, leather jacket and pumps. Or give the hat a more casual feel by wearing it with a Henley shirt, boyfriend jeans and peep toes. Don’t forget the statement necklace for a flirty finish.

Henry Jones, $79, Goorin Bros.