5 High-Tech Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Honey

5 High-Tech Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Honey

My husband travels a lot for work, which I think is one of the keys to our long marriage—we’re always so damn glad to see each other. Still, too much time apart can lead to feeling disconnected, or worse, resentful. Even without business travel, many busy couples find it hard to stay in touch during a hectic workweek. But hey, we live in a high-tech world full of whiz-bang communication innovations. I say let’s apply these advances to our relationships for more intimacy and fun!

These apps and websites are guaranteed to add zest to your relationship and keep you connected—or at least give you something more stimulating to talk about than who’s picking up the dry cleaning.



Snapchat lets you add dimension and playfulness to your text messages by chatting with photos or videos. Say you’re stuck next to a loud snorer on the train. Snap a selfie with the dude in the background and type, “Wish YOU were sleeping next to me!” before sending it off to your guy. You and your spouse will really feel like you’re part of each other’s day.




Avocado is a sweet little app that creates a direct link to your honey—like Facebook for two. You can chat privately, post photos and videos, create lists together, keep a shared calendar, celebrate special anniversaries and more. Why the name? Avocado trees need to grow in pairs to pollinate and bear fruit. Cute, right?





Kindu allows couples to communicate about their deepest sexual fantasies and desires without embarrassment. Both partners separately answer questions like “Would you like to role-play as photographer and model?” If you both answer “Yes” or “Maybe—Open to Discuss” the app let’s you know you’ve got a match. There are hundreds of suggestions ranging from the romantic to downright kinky. Kindu is a fun way to explore your sex life from afar, and gives you lots to talk about (and try) when you’re together.



Forget the phone; when the miles keep you apart, make a Skype date. It’s easy, accessible and free. Pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea and settle in at the computer or with the iPad for 20 minutes of full-screen conversation. My husband and I do this regularly when he’s on the road. There is something so warm and validating about an uninterrupted face-to-face chat. Honestly, we don’t make as much eye contact when we’re in the same room.



high-tech-ways-to-stay-in-touch-tedTED Talks 

When you’re both going in different directions, it’s nice to have common experiences to talk about instead of the same old “how was your day?” drivel. During the week, my husband and I use TED talks to stimulate discussion. One of us will suggest a TED video and we’ll talk about it over Skype. The content might be sexy or scientific; the options are limitless. Watching and discussing new concepts means we’re learning and growing as a couple, not just separately, which is so important.



Finally, make the most of the times when you are able to connect in person. When the weekend comes, put private time with your mate high on the priority list. This may mean you have to cut down on socializing or kid stuff to make sure you and your man get the time you need together to connect physically. Technology is awesome, but no app can substitute for true intimacy and touch. And hey, you can live off the memories virtually all week long!