6 Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

6 Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

Given the 7.5 percent unemployment rate in the Chicago area, searching for a job can be a daunting task.

It can be challenging to find reliable sources among various recruiters, bloggers and social media platforms. Trustworthy outlets are difficult to distinguish from those that waste a job seeker’s time.

Last year, CareerBuilder conducted a study that included more than 2,000 hiring managers. According to the survey, about 43 percent of hiring managers who research candidates through social media did not hire a candidate based on information found on the candidate’s social media profiles. However, about 19 percent said the candidate’s social media profiles helped in hiring him or her.

Have you found yourself wondering how to brand yourself online, find fresh postings, and discover new job websites? These social media tips—and go-to websites—will help get you on the right track.

1. Choose a professional photo.

When looking at your social media profiles, particularly LinkedIn, make sure you are wearing business attire—and a smile. Make sure the photos on your public profiles don’t show inappropriate photos of your best keg stand in college, or of that top-optional beach volleyball tournament.

2. Target job descriptions.

Job postings in your field often have similar language. Try copying and pasting a couple of your favorite job descriptions into Wordle or Word It Out and see what pops to the forefront. You can bet that the recruiters you want reading your profile are looking for the words that jump out at you from the word cloud. Include at least some of these words in your LinkedIn summary.

3. Network through Facebook.

Tell your Facebook friends that you’re looking for a job. Your personal network may surprise you. Someone whom you haven’t talked with in years may be working at your dream company and be willing to help you.

4. Follow recruiter accounts on Twitter.

Take the time to sift through recruiter accounts within your industry. Some examples include@GinasTechJobs, @BigShoesMidwest, @LizMatches, @TalentZooJobs, and @TheHiredGuns; make Twitter lists so all of your favorite handles are on one screen. You can search specific industry terms on Twitter to find more agencies and individual recruiters.

5. Pay attention to interviewing, productivity, and networking tips on Twitter.

Ever wonder how to nail your next interview, how to build your brand online, and how to find other career-related advice? For recommendations and guidance, check out @Career_Geek,@BrazenCareerist and @CornOnTheJob, which also hosts a #jobhuntchat on Twitter at 9 p.m. CT every Monday evening.

6. Follow blogs and job-seeking websites.

Smart Recruiters offers articles and ideas to get you thinking more about your job search. You can view others’ opinions on job and interview experiences on Glassdoor, a reliable source to gain information about companies and look for jobs. Lifehacker writes articles relating to career advice as well, such as what personality traits employers look for in candidates. Use Meetup.com to find a networking group, and use the 20-20-60 approach (20 percent of your time dealing with recruiters and hirers, 20 percent on job boards, and 60 percent networking) when job hunting.