A Spa is Reborn: Welcome to Glenview’s Aphora

When the Silken Tent closed its doors in August, building owners Mike and Kathy Duncan had a choice~

Mike and Kathy could let a beautiful facility be stripped down and sold piece by piece, or reinvent the spa experience and open its doors once again.

Thank goodness they chose the latter.

The Duncans are welcoming North Shore customers through their doors at Aphora (2300 Chestnut Ave., Glenview, 847-510-1240, aphoradayspa.com), a destination spa that offers a full range of services for men, women, and in the future, teens and even tots – and at a lower price than the previous tenant.

“It truly is a pleasure,” says co-owner Mike Duncan, a Northbrook resident. “There were about $2 million in renovations made to this space, and rather than just throw it away, we [he and his wife Kathy] decided to re-brand it.”

Aphora’s tagline—“A Good Place To Be”—comes from the couple’s now 13-year-old daughter, who at 5, climbed into her father’s arms and whispered in his ear, “This is a good place to be.” When asked to design the logo, she added the phrase and it stuck.

And a good place it is. Designed completely from recycled materials, the teak walls, low lighting, water relaxation rooms, monsoon showers, nail services, yoga, massage, full locker rooms and more offer up a day’s worth of enjoyment and stress relief for girlfriends, couples, spouses—anyone who needs a break.

The space also includes a boutique geared toward yoga wear and beauty products, so customers can truly make a day of it.

“No one else offers the range of services we are able to,” says Mike.

“Couples massage rooms, pre-natal massage and belly casting, it’s all available here,” says Kathy. “We’re looking to add teen yoga, and after-school program, beginner’s programs in the near future.”