Active Women: Exercise Now to Prevent Problems Later

If they invented a pill that prevented osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes and dementia as you aged, would you take it? Heck yes. Sign me up. Especially if that pill had a side effect of slimmer hips and a flatter belly. The line to the pharmacy would be out the door.

It already exists.

It’s called exercise.

And you don’t have to love it; you just have to do it. And get your parents to do it and your children.

Here’s a great article by New York Times columnist, Jane E. Brody on why regular exercise is so important to aging well. She has all the studies and research you could need to convince you to lace up those sneakers and get out the door.

And our own writer, Christy Coughlin, has two great articles on proper warm up techniques and adding a little adventure to your run. And how about 9 tips for setting realistic fitness goals?