Aging Lip Tips: What’s Your Lip Type?

Aging Lip Tips: What's Your Lip Type?

While we are all born with a different genetic makeup, which does affect the size and shape of our lips, often men and women ignore this very important body part when it comes to aging and rejuvenation. Lips can communicate quite a bit about you, although it may not be in your favor. Read on to learn about common aging lip types and what you can do about them.

The “Smoker’s” Lips

These vertical lip lines just outside of the border of the lip are those dreaded lines that trap lipstick and make the lips look like a starburst, rather than the beautiful, kissable lips we all love. If the lines are fine and not too deeply embedded, treatments that help stimulate collagen production, including photofacial treatments, radiofrequency, AquaGold, and microneedling, can help. However, if those lines are deep, dermal fillers and laser resurfacing treatments are the only viable solutions.

The Thinning Lips

Yes, even those of us who were born with full lips can find ourselves with lips that thin with the aging process. There are newer dermal fillers and techniques that help restore your lips to where they used to be by adding a touch of volume, without having you look like a duck.

The Perpetual Frown

As we age, the constant muscle pull from muscles around the mouth causes the corners of the lips to turn downward. This results in an angry or sad look, despite being happy and cheery. Treatments for this include dermal fillers and neuromodulators placed under the corners and around the mouth to give the lips support and a more upbeat and happy look.

The Dry, Flakey Lips

This tends to happen not just in the winter months, but also as part of the aging process. The lips contain a protein called hyaluronic acid, which attracts water and keeps the lips moist looking. As we age, we lose some of this acid resulting in dry, flaky lips. Great solutions to revitalize the lips include specific techniques utilizing dermal fillers and AquaGold treatments.

The most common patient fears I hear when addressing lip solutions in my office are “I don’t want to look fake” and “I don’t want hideous duck lips!” There is no need for anyone to experience these types of results, which is why I developed a Lip Glossing technique utilizing dermal fillers to add a touch of volume and gently enhance the natural shape of the lips. With any treatment you should come out of it looking like you, only better.


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