Can Golf Make Body, Mind, Spirit and Marriage Better?

Many years ago, I promised my husband that I would learn to play golf, which would be a good activity for us in our golden years.

I may have lied.

My occasional forays onto golf courses have proven to be such torture that I just can’t see how the sport will ever be good for my body, mind, spirit or marriage.  Why would my husband want to be with me when I am nothing but frustrated?

My idea of sport is something aerobic or exciting—like skiing, hang-gliding, even flirting. My heartbeat speeds up only when I am on a golf course in anger—during the too many hours that it takes me to play to few holes of golf.

I understand that golf is a mental game, not a physical one. Those who master it are known for their mental prowess—like Tiger.  Therefore, an outside possibility exists that golf may eventually prove to be good for my mind.

But I’m far more likely to be losing my mental edge than sharpening it by the time I have time to be playing much golf with my husband.  My children are already pointing out my mental failings almost daily!

That leaves spirit. Ahh, my spirit. Spirituality is a fundamentally important concept to me. If I’m ever old enough to be “in my golden years,” I’ll likely put an even greater emphasis on spirituality, too. With afterlife looming large, I’ll need to compensate for a lot.

Also, nature does nurture spirit. Four hours on a beautiful golf course might ultimately be good for my spiritual life. But wouldn’t mountains, woods and beach still be better for communing with God than manmade golf courses?

But, there is one aspect of golf that I will always enjoy: the 19th hole! Good food and drink with people I like will always be good for my spirit … if not for my aging body.

So, maybe, after all, I didn’t lie.  I may not join Nick for hours on the course in our “golden” years, but I’ll be delighted to join him for food and fun on the 19th hole afterwards.