Village President Greg Lungmus Discusses All Things Northfield

As 61-year-old Greg Lungmus, Northfield’s newly elected village president prepared to embark on his new role, we asked the investor in the global financial markets a few questions. Lungmus, who is married to wife Pam and has two daughters Jackie and Emily and one son, Karl, won in an unopposed election April 6. At the time the Northfield Caucus selected Lungmus to run for the post he was serving his first term as a village trustee. Here’s what else we learned about Northfield’s newest leader.

Greg Lungmus

What are your top priorities for your town as you start in your new role as village president?  

We have a responsibility to our businesses to help them recover from the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. We have created a marketing initiative Shop, Eat, Explore Northfield to feature local businesses, relaxed outdoor dining and liquor options to help restaurants work within state regulations and we continue to promote our small, locally owned businesses.

What’s something great about your town that people who don’t live there might not know about?

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Courtesy of Village of Northfield

We are a small community of 5,500 residents, in the middle of this great urban area called Chicagoland. We have starter homes and country estates, residents who have lived here for 50+ years, millennials who have purchased their first home and townhomes so grandparents can stay close. We truly are a multi-generational community which ensures we stay true to our small-town vibe, while offering quick access to Chicago and beyond. 

What’s something in your town that needs improvement and how will you address it?

We will continue to improve on our commitment to be a truly walkable community. We believe that connectivity/walkability between the village center, schools, parks, senior center and residences is what sets us apart from our neighbors. We hope to work toward a solution to connect the Skokie Valley Trail through Northfield to our neighboring communities, providing a multi-modal option while addressing accessibility and safety. 

If you had a whole day to spend in your town and the weather was perfect, where would you go and what would you do?

I’d be tempted to spend the day in our Village Center meandering from coffee shop to lunch spot, but a visit to the newly renovated Clarkson Park is a must. We are lucky to have a vibrant park district that is attentive to our residents needs and the new playground, splash pad and band shell are extraordinary. Perhaps a bike ride on one of the nearby trails and then have dinner at one of our wonderful locally owned restaurants to top off the day.

Who is someone in your town who inspires you and why? 

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Courtesy of Village of Northfield

Frankly, all of our residents inspire me because they constantly raise their hands to volunteer in our community and truly care about the greater good in Northfield.

What is your favorite charitable cause or causes?  

Nature Conservancy and animal adoption agencies

What do you want the residents of your town to know about you as you step into your new role? 

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Courtesy of Village of Northfield

My philosophy of local government is to continually strive to provide superior services while reducing the taxpayer burden.  I believe local government should be highly accountable, transparent, and responsive.  During my term as Village President our staff and elected officials will work to deliver on that promise daily.

What is a fun little-known fact about you? 

I am a registered beekeeper.

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