6 Cool Hats to Help You Beat the Summer Heat

6 Cool Hats to Help You Beat the Summer Heat

We’re really in the thick of summer now, and if you’re not regularly wearing a hat when you’re out in the sun, now’s the time to start. Spoiler alert: It’s very easy to develop skin cancer on your face and neck, and you need more than just preventative SPF (although that never hurts). We talked to Dr. Jordan Carqueville, named 2018 Best Chicago Cosmetic Dermatologist by Make It Better readers, about why everyone should be wearing sunglasses, and she stressed that we can’t stop there. She recommends wearing a hat with a brim at least 2 inches wide to adequately cover your face, plus some sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Sounds like a lot? Don’t worry, sun coverage doesn’t have to look dorky. Here are six stylish hats we would wear any day of the week, paired with a great pair of sunglasses, of course.

Goorin Bros. American Made Floppy Hydrangea Hat, $140

hats for summer: Goorin Bros. American Made Floppy Hydrangea Hat

Made in America, this hat offers a new take on a classic shape. In a beautiful muted gray, this paper straw hat will keep you cool and comfortable — emphasis on both meanings of cool. On the days when it’s just too hot, take comfort in the interior wicking sweatband and the high crown that will keep air circulating.

Econscious Hemp Baseball Hat, $24

hats for summer: Econscious Hemp Baseball Hat

Sometimes, you just need a baseball cap. This updated version, made of sustainable hemp and cotton, is just the thing — simple and classic. Although it’s available in a rainbow of colors, we love the classic cream that picks up on the neutral trend that’s hotter than ever. Oh, and Econscious donates 1 percent of every retail sale to support the work of environmental nonprofit organizations, so you can feel especially good about this pick.

Janessa Leone Willow Hat, $310

hats for summer: Janessa Leone Willow Hat

Almost unbearably chic with extreme Madeline vibes, this wide straw boater is The Ultimate Hat. This is The Hat that every hat wants to be when it grows up. Made from cooling straw, it features a black knit brim and a suede trim around the crown. Aside from keeping you cool and shaded, this hat screams sophistication. What are you waiting for? Buy it.

Shaina Mote Pinch Panama Hat, $178

hats for summer: Shaina Mote Pinch Panama Hat

This handmade hat is an updated look for the classic Panama shape. We love the seasonally appropriate sky blue color and the fact that it’s made from sustainable Panama straw. All of the designs from Shaina Mote are manufactured in LA by family-run contractors and local craftspeople, and the company is committed to supporting local economies.

Reformation Tie Sun Hat, $68

hats for summer: Reformation Tie Sun Hat

If you don’t already know about Reformation, the darling of the fashion industry, now’s the time. Beloved by megastars, the company is committed to using deadstock and other sustainable materials to create their pieces as well as reducing the carbon footprint of fashion. The sun hat is made from sustainable palm leaf with a macramé hemp contrast tie. This is the perfect accessory to add a little bit of fashion to your hike or barbecue.

Helen Kaminski Mai Visor, $190

hats for summer: Helen Kaminski Mai Visor

So maybe a giant hat isn’t for you — that’s why visors were invented (I’m pretty sure). With a five-inch brim, this sculptural visor is the perfect addition to a chic outfit and the adjustable tie back means it will fit any head. Made from a combination of raffia and cotton and edged with herringbone ribbon, this visor instantly makes all visors cooler. Just make sure that you put sunscreen on your part when you wear this in the sun — the scalp is a terrible place to get sunburned.


Any time you add to your closet, consider making room for your new fashion finds by donating pieces you no longer wear. Our comprehensive where to donate guide is packed with local spots where you can donate your clothing (and just about everything else) to benefit numerous worthy causes.


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