Do Green Gardening

The Chicago Flower & Garden Show is getting serious about going green. Last issue, we shared some advice on how to be more eco-friendly in the garden, including harvesting rainwater, avoiding harmful pesticides and repurposing planters. Here are three more tips to be a greener gardener!

1. Recycle your waste. After a day in the garden, what do you do with waste like plastic, pots and paper sacks? Next time pay attention to what can and can’t be recycled or reused. Also, don’t just toss away your compost and tree clippings. Reuse them for mulch to save on resources and costs.

2. Maximize your space. Make the most of your green space by learning about companion planting. Keep in mind that some crops benefit from growing near certain other plants, which can mean anything from improving growth to enhancing flavor to helping repel pests.

3. Mow less. It’s OK to let your grass grow out a bit during the summer months. Mowing less is not only better for the environment; it also helps keep weed growth down and increases drought resistance. Don’t forget to reuse the grass clippings as a natural mulch and fertilizer layer when you’re done!

Do Green. Do Good. at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show presented by Mariano’s.

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