Catholic School: Make an Educated Decision

Catholic School: Make an Educated Decision (Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Glenview)

With so many options available to parents looking for the best academic environment for their child, how do you choose the right fit? Studies have shown that parents continually rank high academic standards, a value-centric mission, and an inclusive school community as their top priorities.  

Catholic schools consistently provide the structure and positive learning environment leading to academic excellence and success. According to the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA), Catholic schools have a 99 percent high school graduation rate, with 85 percent of those students going on to college. When it comes to national and standardized tests, Catholic schools consistently outperform public schools — as well as other private choices — by as much as 20 percentage points. The structure and environment of a Catholic education challenges students to achieve the highest academic standards, producing socially aware, accountable, and responsible children and teens.   

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School/Church in Glenview, Illinois

Paramount to the Catholic schools’ learning environment is the focus on self-discipline and accountability, virtues utilized to make good decisions based on the tenants of faith. “We work on core values at home daily,” says Stacy Flannery, parent at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School (OLPH) in Glenview. “It’s reassuring to know when we send our kids off to school each morning, the teachers and administration reinforce and support what we are trying to accomplish at home.” 

Catholic schools, like OLPH, are committed to partnering with parents, encouraging family input when it comes to the student experience. Because Catholic schools create a special bond between students, home, school, and church, children naturally develop a strong sense of community. Lisa Salemi, another parent at OLPH School, shares, “We initially chose OLPH because of the variety and flexibility of the early childhood offerings, but continued into grade school because of the warm welcome we received from the community, not to mention the school’s academic rigor year after year!”

Demonstrating respect for others is the pillar of Catholic education. Service to those in need is learned both in and outside the classroom. “It’s not just a community that aligns with our family, but an extension of our values,” adds Flannery. “We feel confident that our experience is preparing our children for their next stages in life.”

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Glenview, Illinois

A Catholic education can be unexpectedly affordable. In addition to wide a range of academic scholarships, many schools like OLPH offer payment options, allowing tuition to become a manageable part of a family’s budget.    

As OLPH School celebrates 90 years of Catholic education during Catholic Schools Week this winter, they invite all to discover the distinction that makes it an extraordinary place of learning. The OLPH School Open House will be on Sunday, Jan. 26, following the 9:30 and 11 a.m. masses. Coffee and donuts will be served. 


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