8 Tips on How to Hire a Professional Nanny

Are you considering hiring a nanny? Here are 8 tips to guide you through the process.

Time: What is your time frame for hiring a nanny? Generally hiring a nanny can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.  It depends on your availability to screen nannies, check references, coordinate interviews, and conduct a background check.

Job Description: The first step you will have to make in your nanny search is to write a clearly defined job description.  This job description will be your tool to find qualified and interested nannies.  You will be able to save time, money, and resources because you have clearly defined the job and its requirements.

Phone Interviews: After you have received resumes from prospective nannies the next step is to set up a phone interview.  This interview will be basic and you will go over the job description, details, and requirements.  You will be able to ask questions and answer questions the nanny may have.

Verify & Check References: This is one of the most important steps of the hiring process. You can check references prior to a in person interview or afterwards.  It is completely up to you and what your comfort level is.  While most families will conduct reference checks after they have interviewed a nanny in person and agencies will conduct them prior to you interviewing the nanny. Either way you should check at least 2 professional references.  These references can be from former families, employers, or  co workers.  Make sure you have your questions ready when it comes to contacting references.

In Person Interviews: This will be the time not only when you get to meet your prospective nanny, but a time for you to see how she interacts with your child(ren).  These interviews can take anywhere from 45 min- an hour.  So make sure you schedule time in between interviews just in case one runs longer than expected.  The first part of the interview should consist of asking interview questions by both parents.  Afterwards, many parents will introduce the child(ren) to the nanny and give them a time to interact.  This is a time for you to observe and see the nannies interaction with the child.

Trial Day: You have decided you want to hire a nanny you‘ve interviewed, but before you can do so you will need to conduct a trial day.  A trial day is a day where you (mom, dad, or both parents) show the nanny around the house, give the nanny time to spend with the child(ren), and show the nanny the daily activities/schedule you have.

Background Check: A background check should include: Criminal, Sex Offender, Social Security Verification, Verify CPR/First Aid Certification (the nanny will have a card from redcross with her name on it and issue date), and Driving Record (if driving is required as part of employment). Background checks can take up to a week to come back.  However, in most cases background checks are available within 48 business hours.

Offer of Employment: After you have received your nannies background check you can then extend and offer of employment.  Once your new nanny has accepted, you should put together a Family/Nanny Agreement.  This agreement does not need to be created by an attorney; however you and the nanny will need to read, review, and sign the agreement.  The agreement is important as it provides the necessary information for both parties in regards to salary, paid vacations, paid holidays, and job expectations.