Celebrate the Olympics

The Olympics are more fun when it’s a whole family activity.


But if you have little ones who aren’t sure what the fuss is about, you can get your kids excited about the Olympics with these family fun activities. No training required.

Gold Medal Cookies
A winning combination, these medals are perfect as a dessert or as a “viewing party” favor.

You Need:
Gold Foil or Wrapping Paper
Red, White and Blue Ribbon

1.    For each medal, wrap one cookie in gold foil or wrapping paper.
2.    Use tape to add ribbon.

Olympic Donut Rings
Make your own sweet Olympic symbol with donuts, frosting and a little ingenuity.

You Need:
5 Plain Donuts
White Frosting
Food Coloring (red, blue, black, green, yellow)

1.    Place a scoop of white frosting in 5 separate bowls.
2.    In each bowl, place several drops of food coloring until you have 5 bowls of colored frosting.
3.    Frost the top of each donut with colored frosting.
4.    Assemble donuts on a platter to represent the five distinct regions that come together for the Olympic games.

Olympic Torch
Keep the Olympic flame burning throughout the games with this easy craft made from recycled water bottles.

You need: 
Water Bottles
Gold Foil or Wrapping Paper
Small Paper Plates
Tissue Paper (red, yellow and orange)

1.    Use sharp scissors to cut the bottom of each bottle.
2.    Wrap bottles in gold paper or foil.
3.    Turn bottles upside down and place a small paper plate above the neck of each bottle.
4.    Add flames with tissue paper.
5.    Consider hosting a neighborhood torch relay before the official start of the games.

Olive Wreath
Not just for toga parties, the olive wreath preceded medals as the first Olympic prize.

You Need:
Paper Plates

1.    Turn paper plates into paper rings by cutting out the center of each plate.
2.    Glue leaves around the paper rings and allow time to dry.

Want more Fun and Games?
Make the Olympic games more interactive by assigning each family member a “special country.” First, place the names of several countries in a big bowl (to keep things fair don’t use USA). Then have each family member randomly select a country from the bowl. While watching the games, keep track of which country wins the most medals, the least medals and which country has the most surprising win.

Let the Games Begin!