Jumpstart Your College Savings Plan

Parents with children in the North Shore’s stellar school system love to try and predict what path their talented children will choose, but can only guess at who they will become and what they will do with their lives.

And when the time comes for their sons and daughters to graduate, they will then have to try and predict the cost of sending this bright bunch on to college.

Predictions are everywhere: what the weather may be, if the Cubs will finally make it to the World Series this year, and, of course, what things (like college) may cost in the future. But predictions are just that – a guess at what could happen. Trying to predict how much college could cost is a complicated practice, as life is full of surprises.

When it comes to college funding, making a plan is much better than making a prediction. The College Illinois!® Prepaid Tuition Plans is the key to jumpstarting the ever-growing expense of college. By purchasing a plan at the current contract price, it can help to protect you from tuition inflation, so no more predicting! They offer flexible plans at a variety of prices, so you’re sure to find one that works best for you. Start a prepaid tuition plan today to get current contract rates and be eligible for 2014 tax benefits.

Trying to predict what future tuition might be is just as stressful as trying to finance college without a plan. College Illinois! removes the guesswork and leaves you with a plan. Don’t wait for a Cubs pennant to start preparing for your child’s future. Enroll online before April 30th.

College Illinois! Prepaid Tuition Program 

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