Crime Alert

Yesterday, one of our employees, who lives in Winnetka, was burglarized. We’d like to remind our readers that even in our very safe communities, crime does happen.

  • Watch out for your neighbors and call if you’re concerned about an unusual truck or activity.
  • Lock your doors and windows. After having workers in your home, double check to make sure nothing was left unlocked.
  • If you have an alarm system, use it.

Below are tips from the Winnetka Police Department’s website. For more information, go to

Bogus Telephone Call Reported
The Winnetka Police Department received a report recently of what appears to have been a bogus telephone call made to a Village resident. The caller identified himself as being with the “Winnetka Crime Commission” and asked about the resident’s travel plans, if the resident’s home had a burglar alarm, and other sensitive questions.

There is no Winnetka Crime Commission, and the Winnetka Police Department does not make unsolicited telephone calls!

Never give a stranger information about your home or your personal routine. Be sure that children and household help know that they should not do so either.

If you receive a suspicious call, notify the Winnetka Police Department immediately. Call 847-501-6034.

How secure is your property?
How good are the locks on your doors and windows? Does your shrubbery hide doorways or windows?

Is your outdoor lighting adequate to discourage a would-be burglar from targeting your home? Are you aware of the importance of placing identifying information on items of value and/or recording their serial numbers in case they are stolen? (An engraving tool can be borrowed from the Winnetka Police Department – Call 847-501-6034.) Do you know what precautions to take when you go out of town?

If you aren’t sure of the answers to any of these questions, contact the Winnetka Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit at 847-501-6034 and request a security check of your residence. There’s no charge for this service.
Police will conduct free business security surveys, too.

Never let a stranger in!
When a service person comes to your door, ask for identification – and check it carefully – before you allow him or her to come into your home. While it may seem unkind, a stranger asking for a drink, to use a bathroom or to make a telephone call should never be allowed in. Don’t let yourself to be diverted by requests for supplies or assistance made by an unknown person at your door. This is a tactic frequently employed in order to gain entry into a home.

Be careful when using an Automatic Teller Machine! If you see someone who looks suspicious standing near an ATM, don’t use it! Immediately put away any money obtained from an ATM.

The police need your help! If you become aware of something that seems unusual – a stranger lurking about, items being moved out of a house or garage under unfamiliar circumstances, a stranger asking vague questions, etc. – call the police and make them aware of your observations.

Many criminals have been apprehended as a result of citizens’ reports to police – it’s impossible to know how many crimes have been prevented!