Grill Gifts that Earn Grins

My father-in-law is a proud owner of a singing fish plaque. My husband periodically wears his Mickey Mouse golf tie, which thrills our children. I still consider “Real Men Change Diapers” to be a classic T-shirt slogan.


When it come to Father’s Day gifts, anything goes. In the tradition of wacky and tacky, here are some fun gifts that serve double duty. They celebrate the man and the great Father’s Day tradition of grilling. He’ll love one of these gifts and maybe even use it while he makes Beer Can Chicken for dinner.

Keep his crazy T-shirt clean with an attitude apron.aprons
Is there a little cowboy in your dad? Get him the Grillslinger.

If he’d rather be on the links than manning the grill, pick up some grill tools that look like golf clubs.

For the dad who thinks he’s James Bond, the magnet grill light offers some high-tech (and practical!) fun.

If your husband can take a joke, there are lots of “Burnt by Dad” platters he can use with pride.

To make serving fun, try the Condiment Gun.

The condiment gun is available at The Village Market in Lake Bluff (24 E. Scranton Ave., 847-234-1507). All other gifts can be found at The Backyard Barbecue Store in Wilmette (1147 Greenleaf Ave., 847-251-2272).