Save Time: 30Second Mom Tips

Love the 30Second Mom tips in the January magazine?

Here are some additional ones:

Want Kids to Eat More Veggies? Have a Make-Your-Own-Salad-Bar Night
by Elisa All (Evanston)

One thing I’ve learned is that if you keep it fun, kids may surprise you with their choices!

It’s Easier than You Think to Get Your Greens
by Beth Aldrich (Wilmette)

You know you need to eat your vegetables, just like your kids. But you just can’t seem to get enough greens during the day, right? Well, here’s an easy way to make sure you get some.

Bag It for the Planet
by Beth Aldrich (Wilmette)

Next time you go to the grocery store or pharmacy, come armed – for the planet, that is. When they ask, “Paper or plastic?” Simply say, “No, thank you” and bring your own bag.

Your Body is Awesome—Love It!
by Annie Burnside (Wilmette)

The human body is very much connected to the mind and spirit. It is important to create a deep, ongoing relationship with all aspects of our body to maintain health and initiate self-healing.

Make a Little Difference—Anonymously
by Jan Mostrom (Evanston)

A radio station I listen to encourages listeners to do something kind on “make a difference Monday.”

Breathe Deep for Pain Relief
by Belinda Clarke (Evanston)

Did you know that deep breathing does more than calm you down?

Stuck in the Carpool Line? Create a Survival Kit
by Meredith Sinclair (Wilmette)

Most of us moms spend our fair share waiting for our kids in one kind of carpool line or another.

A Tax-Deductible Solution for Us Borderline Hoarders
by Meredith Sinclair (Wilmette)

By scheduling a monthly pickup from donation centers like The Salvation Army or Americas Disabled, it forces me to go through closets and kids’ clothes and random basement storage bins – and purge.

Drop and Give Yourself 30 (Minutes)
by Marla Smith (Wilmette)

No matter how busy your schedule gets, make an effort to drop everything and give yourself 30 minutes of “mommy” time at least three times a week.

Stay Connected with Family through Video Chats
by Marla Smith (Wilmette)

Looking for a great way to stay connected with your spouse while they are at work or with family members who don’t live close by?

Tiny Organizational Changes can Make a Big Impact
by Christine Wolf (Evanston)

Lots of “stuff” everywhere? Use coffee cans to contain those frequently sought items like pencils, pens, markers, erasers, glue sticks – and anything else kids are always searching for.

Saucy Solutions for Picky Eaters
by Christine Wolf (Evanston)

Ever wonder why fast food giants appeal to little eaters? Sometimes, the best approach is offering small portions with lots of dipping options!

100 Acts of Kindness
by Christine Wolf (Evanston)

Are the kids constantly battling? Promote acts of kindness.