Style Network Stars Advice for Holiday Guests

Let’s face it, between hosting out-of-town guests and decking the halls, this time of year can be stressful.


Nina Ferrer and Michael Moeller, hosts of Style Network’s “Clean House: New York”, share some tips on how to enjoy a stress-free holiday.

Create a Guest Room
Finding space for visiting family members can be a challenge. If you find your house bursting at the seams, you can turn your kid’s room into an impromptu guest room. Ferrer and Moeller suggest de-cluttering the toys and switching your child’s bedding for a more mature option. Also, “add a personal touch by including a treat that you know your guest will love,” says Ferrer, “such as chocolates or their favorite snack.”

Another alternative is to turn your playroom or basement into a guest room. There are lots of really comfortable air mattresses out there, Moeller points out, and if you “add some nice linens and special touches you can make it feel like home away from home.”

Plan a Party
Trying to juggle relatives and holiday preparations can be exhausting. Instead of viewing it as a chore, turn it into a party. Moeller suggests hosting a Christmas tree decorating party for your neighbors and friends. Have great wine, festive holiday music and plenty of good food at the ready and enjoy! At the end of the night, your tree will be decorated and you will be feeling the holiday cheer.

He also suggests hosting a baking party with your out-of-town guests a few days before the holiday. It’s a good way to keep the kids busy and check one more thing off your preparation list.

Manage Holiday Decorations
To tame holiday decorations, Ferrer suggests limiting yourself to one medium-sized storage box for all your decorations. And try to keep ornaments in their original boxes. That way you don’t have to search for those tiny green hooks or worry about ornaments breaking. Plus, it can be nostalgic, since it will remind you of when you first purchased the piece. If you have free-floating ornaments, Moeller suggests buying an ornament storage box to keep them safe and in one place.

Accept Help
Always, always accept help when it’s offered. Let guests pitch in with the cooking or the clean up. Don’t start taking on too much. If you have a relative that isn’t from your immediate family (such as a sister-in-law), invite her to bring some of her traditions into your home. And remember to “buy plenty of wine and have a sip with each task”, says Moeller.

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