The Hottest Toys for the Holidays

Hottest Toys for the Holidays - Star Wars

It’s time to start making that list and checking it twice! We’ve rounded up the season’s hottest toys for everyone on your nice list. It’ll make holiday shopping child’s play.

Peanuts Happy Dance Snoopy

Good grief! The new Peanuts movie means a whole new generation has gone nuts about the Peanuts gang. This dancing Snoopy will put anybody in a good mood. Available at Target, $30, ages 2+

Snowman Family Kit and Snow Castle/Snowball Maker Set

Winter in Chicago means even kids are hesitant to head outside to play without a solid incentive. Enter these handy tools for snow play, guaranteed to provide hours of frosty family fun. Consider them your go-to cure for cabin fever. (Bonus: Join your kids for a snowball fight and blast some holiday cookie calories!) Available at L.L. Bean, $35 and $30, ages 3+

Hottest Toys for the Holidays - Snowman Family Kit

Star Wars Battle-Spin Light Dagger

Let your child channel their inner Jedi and be transported to a galaxy far, far away … at least long enough for you to finish the newspaper and a cup of coffee. May the force be with you as you battle it out with other parents trying to get this must-have toy for the holidays. Available at Target, $25, ages 4+

Hottest Toys for the Holidays - Star Wars Battle Spin Light Dagger

Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter

The perfect solution for kids too big (or restless) for strollers who aren’t up for walking long distances, this packable scooter can be taken for a ride on a family vacation, at grandma’s house or sightseeing downtown. With the push of a button it folds flat and fits into a suitcase. Available at Northfield’s Children’s Gift Shop (a Best of 2014 winner), $130, ages 5-12

Project Mc2

It’s hip to be square — and it’s never too early to stress to kids that being smart is cool. This new line of dolls and toys reinforces STEM skills by showing kids how to create everything from a working volcano to their own lava light or glow stick necklace. The lab kit comes with a working microscope, test tubes and safety goggles. Available at Target and Toys “R” Us, $25 for each doll and $55 for Lab Kit, ages 6+


Classic Simon, but set to a song, this new electronic game challenges kids to repeat the sights and sounds they just heard. Bring it along on a road trip — if you dare! Mystro was awarded a silver by National Parenting Publication. Available at Walmart, $22, ages 6+

Candy Craft Chocolate Pen

Holiday cookie decorating just got easier and more artistic. This motorized pen lets kids write their names and create designs with melted chocolate that quickly hardens after leaving the pen. Perfect for keeping kids busy on a winter day, without too much clean up. Sweet! Available at Toys “R” Us, $30, ages 6+

Hottest Toys for the Holidays - Candy Craft Chocolate Pen

LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box

Experiencing Minecraft mania at your house? You’re not alone. The video game has swept the globe, with more than 100 million registered players. If you find your kids spending too much time in front of the screen as a result, encourage them to unplug and build something in the real world. Available Walmart and, $41-50, ages 8+

Hottest Toys for the Holidays - Lego Minecraft Crafting Box

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