Cycling Tips from Higher Gear

It’s biking season!

As you use your bike for fitness riding or just running errands, a few tips can help make your cycling more enjoyable and better exercise.

Stay relaxed: Always remind yourself to stay relaxed on the bike. Keep your arms loose and let them act as shock absorbers.

Pedal in circles: Try to envision your feet moving in smooth circles and keep your body “quiet.”  If you’re stomping or engaging too much of your body, chances are you need to switch to a lighter gear (or get a bike fit).

The key to clothing is layers: When purchasing clothing to wear on the bike, buy pieces that are easily layered.  Temperatures can change quickly on a ride and you want to be able to easily take off or add layers.

A smooth, efficient pace: Most new riders think they’re getting a better workout if every pedal stoke is a strain and the quads are burning. But the key is to reduce the resistance so your spin is smooth. It’s more efficient, gives you a cardio workout and is easier on your knees.

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