Get Glamorous Lashes at Ooh’lah Lash

Are you sick of thinning lashes? Do you seem to look tired all the time? Eyelash Extensions are safe and an easy-to-engage beauty treatment. Just think…no more eyelash curlers that pull out your lashes. No more mascara to stroke on while you are driving your kids to school. No more under-eye liner that drips down after tennis creating even deeper bags under your eyes than you woke up with. With extensions, you can rise and shine looking refreshed and ready to take on the day!

sponsored-Ooh’lah-Lash-lashesLashes are hot! They make your eyes look bigger, your skin look smoother and your entire being feel younger. But, all eyelash extension are not created equal! Running into the neighborhood drugstore is not the way to go. Lash application is a art form.

Marisol Price, co-author of “Lash Masters,” is an award-winning Certified Master Lash Instructor who is recognized throughout the North Shore as the “go-to” for long, beautiful lashes that last. Her clients are a group of dedicated patrons who spread the word on Marisol’s kind and gentle nature and her subtle yet generous enhancement of their beauty. According to Marisol, “each lash must be applied carefully and safetly.” Lids are delicately taped down while each lash is applied slowly and gently one-by-one. The patron listens to soft music while Marisol’s calming voice chats away.

“Many patrons fall asleep,” Marisol says. “Lashes are a great way to take care of your soul while easing your lifestyle.”

It only takes about one to three hours to have the lashes applied, and they last two to three weeks. Some Lash Professionals charge upward of $600 for the first sessions and then $250 thereafter. Marisol’s prices are less than half and the service seems to be double. Marisol’s clients boast that the cost seems minimal when compared to the time you save each and every morning and night not curling, painting and applying mascara, liner and whatever equipment you use to curl them.

Marisol explains that “lash extension applications should be seamless and should flow with your natural lash.” Marisol’s company, Ooh’Lah Lash, bases their process on customer service and satisfaction. It all begins with a consultation. They examine the health of your natural lash and look at your bone structure to accommodate your desired look: long, full, extended, simple or sexy. It is all about customization and suiting the customer’s desired effect.

Eyelash extensions are for anyone that has lashes, whether they be curly, straight, long, short, sparse or thin. Colors vary from light blond to the darkest black. Marisol has done it all. When asked, Marisol says that she gets a lot of questions, and the most popular one is this: “Will it damage my natural lash?” Marisol says, “No, but you must go to a lash artist who knows what they are doing.” The biggest mistake we see today is lashes being applied incorrectly due to a lack of education and a desire for a quick dollar. Like any profession, it takes years of education and years of practice. Marisol works with her sister, who she trusts implicitly. They both travel to workshops around the country and Marisol also leads seminars of her own. She feels a desire to not only share her skills with countless North Shore lovelies, but share her gifts worldwide.

“It’s all about making this experience better for all!”

So if you are ready to wake up in the morning looking glamorous and refreshed, visit Marisol at Ooh’lah Lash!