How to Restore, Revive and Thrive in 2023: Guide to Health and Wellness for Your Best Year Yet

January is a time most of us associate with reflection, reinvention and, most importantly — self-improvement. With the clean slate of a new year, we look for new ways to be better — whether that means eating well, being more mindful, getting fit, reaching new career or education goals, or being more present to family and friends. Whatever your goals for the year, they probably fall under one big umbrella of restoring, reviving, and thriving in 2023 and beyond. To help you get started — or to reinvigorate your drive if your enthusiasm for this year’s resolution is already flagging — we’ve assembled a comprehensive guide to all things health and wellness for 2023.

Medical Professionals Share Healthy Habits They Swear By — And a Few They Fail At

If you think health care professionals cultivate wellness every day, guess again. They have their healthy habits, but they also sometimes come up short — just like the rest of us.

We asked a few what health habit they follow religiously and what they could do better. Here’s what they had to say.

Take Care with AK: Schedule Your Complimentary Wellness Strategy Session Today

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Alex Kariotis

Take Kare with AK offers integrative nutrition health coaching services catered to her clients’ personal health goals. Alex Kariotis, also known as “AK” specializes in helping clients create balance in their life around food, as well as eating for improved mental health. She works primarily with college aged women and also with women in their 20s who are looking for guidance around food. She is also able to help clients manage food intolerances and implement changes recommended by their doctors in ways that are practical to their lifestyles and are therefore, long lasting.  A major aspect of her integrative nutrition program involves nurturing and oftentimes improving other areas of life other than food such as relationships, home environments, exercise and creativity. Take kare of yourself and schedule a complimentary wellness strategy session.

Visit to learn more.

2023 Top Health, Wellness and Fitness Influencers

When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, many of us renew our commitment to improving our health. In fact, five of the eight most popular resolutions of 2022 focused on fitness. As you begin your 2023 journey, get inspired by these 10 top health and wellness trendsetters to reach your goals this year.

7 Simple Steps to Achieve Self Care

Self Care

How can we care for ourselves and feel emotionally strong while remaining aware and acting compassionately in the face of other people’s suffering? Psychologist Kristin Neff, an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, is a preeminent researcher and speaker in a field of psychology called Self-Compassion. Neff has written numerous academic articles, book chapters, books and created a popular workshop series on the subject of Self-Compassion. She believes that the practice offers guidance in both accepting difficult circumstances and taking positive actions in the context of those difficult circumstances. Neff and colleague Chris Germer developed the notion of the “Yin and Yang” of Self-Compassion, based on the ancient Chinese concepts of yin, a more passive, internal energy and yang, an active, more outwardly-focused energy.

(en)Courage Coaching: Recession Proof Your Career in 2023

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(en)Courage Coaching

At (en)Courage Coaching, they are on a mission to make exceptional career and leadership development services accessible to all folks and businesses across Chicago. Trained as therapists, working alongside clients to design authentic career paths and courageous workplace cultures is in their DNA. By leveraging a mix of evidence-based practices from the fields of counseling, organizational development, and leadership education, they equip clients with customized strategies to meet their individual needs and aspirational goals. Their boutique practice is uniquely positioned to support clients on both sides of the employment equation—because at the end of day, they’re all in this work thing together. Are you an individual looking to pivot or advance your career? Book a free consultation to learn more about their coaching services. Are you a business owner looking to increase employee retention and satisfaction? (en)Courage Coaching can design a bespoke engagement to transform your company culture together in 2023!

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Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross Talks runDisney, ‘Real Housewives’ and Achievable Fitness Goals for Busy Moms

Sanya Richards-Ross

Better sat down with Sanya Richards-Ross to learn more about her running and fitness journey, and why her first runDisney race meant so much to her as a return to the sport. We also talked about her starring role on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, balancing work and motherhood, and supporting Black mothers through her passion project, MommiNation. We even picked up a few pro tips for runners — from Sanya’s workout routine to her favorite running shoes. Read our interview with Sanya.

Read STOP EXERCISING! The Way You Are Doing it Now

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Igor Klibanov, CEO, Fitness Solutions Plus 

Are you trying to lose weight, and feel better? Manage your stress better? Get motivated to exercise? If you’ve tried these things before, you know how frustrating it can be.

We have a New Year Gift, compliments of top personal trainer, Igor Klibanov with 17+ years of experience helping people over 40 overcome health and fitness challenges.

Receive his special book: STOP EXERCISING! The Way You Are Doing it Now. 

Get your copy here! Happy New YOU! 

Skip the Cleanse and Add These 7 Natural Detox Foods to Your Diet Instead

Advertisements for liver detox products and kidney cleanses are prevalent this time of year, and they might even pique your attention. Wellness resolutions are top of mind, especially after an indulgent holiday season compounded by months in quarantine, which may have led to some unhealthy habits. (Comfort cooking, quarantine snacking, imbibing at virtual happy hours, to name a few).

But, healthy-eating experts say you don’t need any special potions that promise weight loss or funky concoctions that make bold detox claims. In fact, they recommend against these types of cleansing products that claim to be cure-alls for overindulgence. A healthier alternative is to scale back on sugar and processed foods, and focus on eating whole foods to help your body run its natural detoxification process by using nutrients from your diet. See the full list of detox foods.

Join the Alliance Rowing Club

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Alliance Rowing Club

Since 2010 ARC has developed rowers, focusing on Sculling technique first for skills development. 

A Sculling foundation balanced with proper Rowing machine (ERG) & Strength protocols improves long-term rower potential.

Sculling is an anatomically neutral technique using two Oars (one in each hand, see photo), improving Posture and Boat awareness in preparation for the twisting required in single oar Sweep technique.

Single sculling increases all rowing skills translating into superior Sweep technique potential.

For over 12 years, ARC’s development (G5-8), High School and Master’s  programs have delivered age appropriate plans & training for both recreational or competitive rowers.

Their Spring, Summer & Fall programs include: LearnToRow basics & development, High School Tryout preparation including Coxswain in Training, Single Sculling Clinics, Scrimmages for race simulations and Regatta opportunities. 

Other services: ERG form videography and analysis, technical  fine-tuning, power improvement & program design.

Quickest Response: Text/Call Coach Brian Easter at 847-347-3278 
Email: [email protected]

ARC is an ALL ages inclusive Community Club serving the Northshore.

Be Kind to Your Mind: 10 Groups and Individuals Tear Down Mental Health Stigmas

There was a time, not long ago, when it was taboo to bring up mental health struggles. Individuals and families concealed their confusion, loneliness and terror in the face of debilitating and life-threatening mental illnesses. Over the past decade, thanks to prominent and impactful leaders who have stepped forward to openly share their personal stories and to dedicated professionals who bring awareness and treat those with mental differences, the stigma surrounding mental illness here in the United States has diminished and help is more widely available. We pay tribute to the courageous leaders and effective institutions who are breaking new ground in the conversation about and treatment of mental health issues. Read the full list here.

Achieve Your Dream Smile 2x Faster with This Leading Orthodontic Provider 

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Impress is the leading orthodontic provider specializing in invisible aligners with safe, seamless, and faster treatments. The unique combination of medical expertise and advanced technology gives you the dream smile 2 times faster, at 40% less cost than traditional braces.

Our experienced doctors will design your clear aligner treatment plan and supervise your treatment from start to finish. The patented Root Diagnostic Technology makes clear aligner movements more precise and predictable. You can easily do your check-ups from home, and monitor your orthodontic treatment remotely via our app. Unlike the direct-to-consumer aligner kits, Impress can employ attachments and other mechanisms to your teeth to make important changes to your smile that go beyond the cosmetics. 

So give your smile the tune-up it deserves, and schedule your free consultation and check your smile health at

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